NES Public Lectures

NES Public Lectures is an educational and public literacy project of the New Economic School, launched in autumn 2018. Within the project, leading experts from Russia and abroad talk about economics and finance and their role in the modern society.

The New Economic School has held over 40 public lectures. Besides NES professors, the list of speakers featured Jean Tyrol, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics laureate; professors from top international universities, including Princeton University professor Oleg Itskhoki and Science Po professor Sergey Guriev; senior business executives such as Sberbank Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer Dzhangir Dzhangirov and Mercaux founder Olga Kotsur; and many others.

The Public Lectures had the leading business and general interest media among its information partners, including Vedomosti, Interfax news agency, and Econs.online portal. The lectures are widely covered in the press top tier outlets: RBC, The Bell, Forbes, Afisha Daily and others.

All lectures are free. Learn more about the Public Lecture series here.

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